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Favorite Libations

  1. Stoli, soda and lemon – Do I really need to address this? It’s the perfect go to cocktail for any in
  2. Cuba libre – it’s a simple drink (just rum, coke, and lime) but it’s a staple for me. I prefer Cuban rum, of course!
  3. Jalapeno martini (or margarita) – try ditching the olives in your vodka martini and replacing them with muddled jalapenos.
  4. Blood orange margarita – I am picky about margaritas. I don’t love most over the counter mixers. But if you can spice it up a little or use blood oranges, it takes it to a whole new level.
  5. Rum on the rocks – I have a collection of Caribbean and Central/South American rums. A good dark rum on ice will take you to the lower latitudes and it pairs great with a nice cigar.