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  1. Mint Bar- since 1907, this bar in Sheridan Wyoming has served as a watering hole for ranchers and cowboys for over 100 years.
  2. Mint Bar, Sheridan Wyoming

    The Polo Bar – In the heart of Manhattan, Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar is an elegant place for dinner or cocktails (or both!) when you’re in the Big Apple. You must have reservations, which can be made 30 days in advance, but it’s worth the wait. The décor is warm and inviting as you might expect from a bar that bears the name of America’s most iconic designer.

    Club Car, Nantucket
  3. Club Car – I had the pleasure of visiting this Nantucket bar (located in an actual club car) during the famous Nantucket Stroll which is an experience all by itself. If you’re on the island, stop in for a drink.
  4. Tabard Inn – This cozy bar is inside Washington DC’s oldest continually running hotel. It has a living room/parlor like setting with a fireplace and is a great place for a libation on a cold winter night.

    Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington DC
  5. Old Ebbitt Grill- Located near the White House, this is a staple when visiting Washington DC. It’s an old favorite with many and the place is always hoppin’! Make sure to order the shrimp cocktail. The shrimp are huge and the best I’ve had.
  6. Fleetwoods on Front Street – Located in Lahaina on the island of Maui in Hawaii, this multi-story restaurant owned by Mick Fleetwood has great food and is a cool place to grab a drink. I especially like the rooftop bar area for catching an iconic sunset!
  7. Cuba Libre – This is another Washington DC bar. As soon as you walk in, you’re taken back to Havana with ceiling fans and Cuban music. Make it a point to grab a mojito or a cuba libre.
  8. The Oak Bar – This is my personal hangout in Nashville. It’s located inside the famous Hermitage Hotel which has hosted several US presidents and has a political history a mile long. When the Tennessee General Assembly is in session, you’ll find a host of legislators and lobbyists having cocktails and rubbing elbows.
  9. Shaker’s Ghost Bar – Here you can find a decent selection of cigars and good food and drinks. The bar is in an old building that boasts a rich history in Milwaukee. You can pay a few extra bucks and do a ghost tour through the basement and the upper floor of the building. The tour includes a guide and a set of divining rods to use when calling the spirits.
  10. 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar – This is an old truck stop/hotel/casino/restaurant and bar just after crossing into Montana from Idaho on I-90 East. What makes it cool are the tens of thousands (and I do mean that) silver dollars that line the bar, the walls and really the entire place. If those walls could talk!
  11. McGillin’s Olde Ale House – It’s the oldest continually operating pub in Philadelphia. It’s a cozy 2 story Irish pub. I highly recommend it between Thanksgiving and Christmas when all of the holiday decorations are up.

    McGillin’s Irish Pub in Philadelphia
  12. Farmhouse Tap and Grill – We found ourselves in Burlington Vermont in February a few years ago. The weather was bitterly cold and we stumbled upon this place while searching for dinner. The downstairs had a cozy fireplace and was just what we needed on a cold winter’s night.
  13. Hotel del Coronado – This is a must when visiting San Diego. Even if you’re staying somewhere else, the hotel has a great outdoor seating area overlooking the water with gas firepits. It’s a perfect way to unwind.
  14. The Wharf Pub – Grab some clam chowder and a cold beer while enjoying this Newport, Rhode Island pub. If the weather is decent, enjoy it outside!
  15. The Margarita Trail – While there are too many participating bars to mention, the Margarita Trail in Santa Fe, New Mexico is a fun way to make your way around the historic old town. Grab a passport at the tourism office and get started. We did this over Thanksgiving a few years ago. This city makes the best margaritas I’ve ever had, hands down!


  1. Floyds Pelican Bar – It takes some effort to get to this remote bar in Jamaica. It’s located on a sandbar about 3/4 of a mile offshore. It takes a good 15 minutes by boat to get out to this unique bar made of driftwood but it’s about the coolest place I can think of to grab a Red Stripe and hang out in the waist-high water with your new best friends. You’ll have to rent a car and drive from Negril to get to this remote location.
  2. Reggae BR – This bar in Istanbul, Turkey is a cool stop that is a little off the beaten path. Finding a Bob Marley themed bar complete with posters of Elvis and an American Flag was a bit of surprise in this ancient city.
  3. Brettos – Located in the heart of the Plaka neighborhood, this is the oldest distillery in Athens. The backlit bar is iconic and the atmosphere is always lively. It’s a must-stop when visiting Greece.

    Brettos, Athens
  4. Ristorante A Savera – This is more of a restaurant than a bar but its a great spot to enjoy a bottle of wine with dinner in Lisbon, Portugal. The evening includes traditional fado music and is a nice dimly lit romantic spot to unwind.
  5. Dos Hermanos – This bar in Havana, Cuba is a bit of a hole in the wall (as many bars in Havana are) but it typically has very good live music and is our favorite “last rum before heading to the airport” stop. I can hear them singing Guantanamera now!

    Dos Hermanos, Havana
  6. Caru su bere – This one is quite a tourist spot but I thought it had a great atmosphere. The severs dress in traditional clothes and perform dances every so often that really get this place going. The menu is heavy on meat but this Bucharest, Romania experience is a must.
  7. The Soggy Dollar – One of our all time favorite stops in the British Virgin Islands is Jost Van Dyke. The Soggy Dollar remains the most iconic bar on the island. It gets it’s name from boats pulling up to toss an anchor and send their passengers in the turquoise water to wade up to the beach bars (hence the name Soggy Dollar).

    The Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke